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Posted on 08.08.2013 by Stephanie Bogue

My childhood dream of living in Europe has finally been realized as I moved to the wonderful city of Berlin, Germany just over a year ago.  I am currently an International Business student writing my Master Thesis in the field of Marketing and plan to finish at the beginning of 2014.  So far, the highlights of this year for me were learning from European and German culture, broadening my knowledge in Marketing through SEO and SEM work, and enjoying a fairly warm summer in Berlin.

For the next six months, I will be working at the BVH.  I will be pulling the most interesting ideas I have about marketing, strategy, economics, e-commerce, tips, trends, and international business into this blog for your reading pleasure.  I look forward to our future conversations!


We all know that there has been immense pressure on both social media and mobile marketing to pave the way of the future for retailers everywhere in the almighty attempt to find the best way to connect and see results from their loyal and potential customers.  Is marketing in a more modern and personal way such as text message marketing the best for getting people to act now?  Or do we need a constant buzz of brand info and social media to keep the brand heartbeat alive for us?  My answer is being armed with both will take you far.

Although social media is viewed as having incredible potential, does it?  Has a super bubble formed within marketing strategy around social media and making it work? And, are marketers so swept up in the social media buzz that they have blinders on to what else is out there? 

For sure, a successful marketing campaign includes all channels to show your brand and communicate with your customers.  Social media certainly creates the online word of mouth and recommendations that brands need to stay up to date and fresh in their customer´s heads.

However, there is so much extra information floating around in social media, does it all get jumbled together in chats with friends, vacation photos, tweets, and blogs?  And, is social media personal enough to motivate people to browse or buy something through its advertisements, links, shops, and social recommendations?  Honestly, I´m not sure.  Don´t get me wrong, I am simply raising the question can social media alone motivate people to buy something now?  And for me, the answer is maybe or sometimes.  People can log in to social media and people can log out.

Text Message Marketing

Now, think about your favorite brands.  Think about the select few you have fanned on facebook, and registered for email notifications.  You have obviously instilled a little bit of trust to let them have a little more access to you, but what about a little more?   By this, I mean offering up your cell phone number for mobile marketing.  In other words, volunteering your cell phone number in exchange for exclusive text only offers.  This technically is not a brand new idea.  Text message marketing was introduced shortly after the smartphone´s rise to power.  However, the way the cell phone numbers were collected appears to have been the problem.  Only a few years ago, information was bought and sold and marketing campaigns were blasted out like spam resulting in a big flop for the text message marketing idea. 

As a business, the only way to successfully, credibly and legally obtain a cell phone number for a mobile text message marketing campaign is to be clear and honest about how you will use the info and how often you might send information.  I think marketers and business owners are aware of what a close connection this is with their customer and that if abused, the customer could be gone forever. 

But, is this intimate connection still scaring off businesses and marketers today? In a day and age where we have entire jobs based around social media, how is it that many companies, both large and small, have never attempted to run a text message marketing campaign?  The read and open rate of text message marketing is amazing.  “95 out of 100 of your customers who have opted into your text messaging program OPEN and READ your mobile messages within 3 mins” – (according to the CEO of Mogreet in a article (

To sum it all up, social media is great for creating the everyday, constant online buzz every brand needs; however, don´t stick your head in the sand when it comes to trying new ways to connect with your customers in a more intimate and personal way.  Mobile marketing could be a way to get quick and measurable results from your customers that want closer access to your business and brand, but remember to learn from the mistakes of the past.   


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Mina Matta -

Good work Steph Keep it going.

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