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Stephanies Ramblings - Facebook and Business Evolution? / My Facebook story

Posted on 20.08.2013 by Stephanie Bogue

To be honest, I never really wanted a Facebook page.  Years and years ago, I had already graduated from college when Facebook was making its move into the mainstream.  Some of my younger friends had jumped on the bandwagon, and I thought maybe I had dodged the Facebook bullet.  As a slightly paranoid American, I was a bit uncomfortable with all of this information sharing and I felt as though I did not have anything personal I wanted to share with the whole wide world. 

That all changed one day when I was with my best friend who is normally up to date on what´s what.  She was incredibly disappointed in me for not having a Facebook page and immediately jumped on her laptop at the restaurant where we were eating to whip up a profile for me.  I whined and begged for her not to, but despite my objections, we sat there together and five minutes later, there it was, a bare boned Facebook page with my name attached.  After that, I completely caved and was fairly hooked.  And, I have to admit, as I moved around the country, Facebook proved to be an extremely impressive and easy way to keep me connected and up to date on what my friends and family were up to.  It made me feel a little less distance, although the miles between us were there.   I liked that. 

Facebook evolution

I spend a decent amount of time on Facebook, especially now that I live further away from home than ever.  And yet, some of the big changes taking place on Facebook (my home away from home) go completely unnoticed by me.  I do not think I am alone here.  Earlier this year, I was involved in a project that questioned Facebook user´s awareness of Facebook stores (f-stores) and Facebook commerce (f-commerce).  Until that project landed in my lap, I had absolutely no idea that such things existed.  I was floored when my colleagues on the project were in the same boat as me.  How can this be?  I log in at least once a day, and so did they.  We sent out our online survey through Facebook and around 120 people responded.  Our biggest question was obviously if Facebook users were aware they could go to f-stores and make purchases.  The answer was a clear NO. The survey findings also revealed that having the option to shop while on Facebook was not appealing to most.  The majority liked using Facebook for socializing and sharing only, and there appeared to be some trust issues with what Facebook does with the information it is given.  For the most part, their answers were very similar to my own.  There is potential, but overall, it appears the f-commerce idea is a flop for now. 

However, Facebook continues to evolve.  Your Facebook page has essentially transformed into your online proof of identity.  I am sure you have noticed that if you have a Facebook profile, your log in information is plenty good for logging in or registering at other websites.  And the newest idea, which is about to be tested, is a Facebook payment method.  You would simply use your login information to make purchases on mobile apps and Facebook would store your credit card information on their site, making the transaction or checkout process super simple (read more here http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/227928).  But again, I am extremely interested if this will work or not.  Facebook continues to attempt more and more new options to generate revenue, but I am unsure if the interest or trust is there on the user end.  I see the potential here, and perhaps the ease of use will prove this idea to be a success, but again do Facebook users want to expand on how they use Facebook?  For me, the answer is no.  I have let Facebook in way further than any other online entity, and it will have to survive without my credit card number.  It doesn´t appear to me Facebook has yet found the way to expand into more of a business.  I guess the question remains if it will ever find its way there?

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